Going out in style – Coventry, the last stop on the Brighter Days Tour!

The third and final stop on the Brighter Days Tour saw me return to my university city of Coventry. The city has some significant memories for me, most of which are good but others are more difficult.

The venue, Shop Front Theatre, was just a stone’s throw from my old student accommodation and the three performers who joined me – Fay Whitfield, Helen McCarthy, and Seline Cornfield – wowed the crowd. So, for the final time, here is another Brighter Days round-up!

The Coventry launch was particularly special because of a certain someone in the audience… my mum! She has stood by me during my struggles with depression and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her when I was really struggling. So I included a certain poem in the first of my two sets, entitled ‘For You, Mum’. I think that speaks for itself!  

From each sale of Dark Nights into Brighter Days, £2 will be donated to the mental health charity Rethink Mental Illness, which does some amazing work in showing people affected by mental health that there is help and support out there. And that help isn’t something you should be afraid or ashamed of asking for. It was great to have a representative from Rethink, Luke, in the audience as well. And that donation will still continue even though the launch tour is at an end.    

At an end… And what an experience it has been! I’ve loved every moment and I cannot say thank you enough to the performers and everyone who came to watch us. 

Coventry, thanks for having me back!

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