Co-host: Tea, Biscuits, Books Podcast

A fun and friendly podcast for book-lovers everywhere! Tune in each month for author interviews, recommended reads, and plenty of tea! Grab a cuppa and listen in!

TBB Returns! Tea, Biscuits, Books

The Tea, Biscuits, and Books Podcast is back with a bang! Charley and Dan talk through their new reads, get philosophical about poetry, and introduce an adorable four-legged new member of the TBB Team. Take a listen!
  1. TBB Returns!
  2. TBB Episode 8 – Zoom Special
  3. TBB Episode 7 – Talking with Maggie Doyle
  4. TBB Episode 6: Talking with Ruth Stacey
  5. TBB Episode 5: Talking with Ade Couper

Main host: The 78 Arcana Podcast

Each episode explores the wonders of the tarot and provides an insight into the meaning of the cards, using the traditional Raider Waite deck. Stay tuned for individual readings and keep up to date on Instagram.

Episode #3 – Reconnection The 78 Arcana Podcast

This episode discusses the theme of reconnecting within tarot and spirituality, using four decks to uncover what it means to reconnect with tarot or oracle cards. This episode also has advice for anyone feeling lost or disconnected from their passions, and how the tarot can help find that spark again.  
  1. Episode #3 – Reconnection
  2. Episode #2 – Turning to tarot during Covid19
  3. Episode #1 – An Introduction
  4. Welcome

Main host: Montcast

MontCast, from Montpellier Public Relations in Cheltenham, brings people and PR together. Tune in each month for discussions on the latest issues affecting the industry, top tips, and making PR work for your business. Join in the conversation on social media using #MontCast.

Episode #2 – Discussing visual content during Covid19 with Edward Loades MontCast

Recorded remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, MontCast interviews Edward Loades of Black Cliff Media on what can be achieved through video content and animation, when the option to film does not necessarily exist.
  1. Episode #2 – Discussing visual content during Covid19 with Edward Loades
  2. Episode #1 – From the boardroom
  3. What is MontCast?
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